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Keep on top of latest regulatory and legislative changes and other developments that could affect your business by joining V-th annual conference Novellas of Civil Code and Corporate Law that will bring together representatives of industrial and legal companies to discuss the most pressing issues.

The main aim of the event is exchange of experiences, best practices and case studies which will give you a chance of applying them in professional activities enhancing your further professional development.


Topics include:

Subsidiary responsibility of top management

Board of directors and committees in corporate governance

Shareholder agreements: Deadlocks, tag along and drag along provisions

Major and related party transactions

Statement of circumstance: Law Enforcement

Acquiring shares and stocks under Russian law

Practical experience of conducting M&A Deals in Russian jurisdiction

Options and option contracts

Anti-sanctions compliance


Conference Program



Our Speakers



Key Audience

Who will you meet: 

Audience: business representatives, managers and chief specialists of legal services and legal support of business.


Testimonials from participants of past conferences



Delegate Fee


Delegate Pass:  33 000 RUB. (excl. VAT)  

Join Us!

The forthcoming event will provide answers to the most important issues related to the latest developments and practical implementation of norms of the Civil Code and Corporate Law in Russia, and will also serve as a platform for exchange of experiences.


For more details on conference program and how you can take part please contact us by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.